12 May 2021

Kia Kori Waitaha Programme Update

A new development as part of the Kia Kori Waitaha programme has lead to some exciting collaborations forming between local schools in Shirley. A plan to increase sustainability of in the Shirley are has been hatched, with activity leaders from Shirley Intermediate school joining the Kia Kori Waitaha activators to deliver lunchtime play at Shirley Primary.

This ongoing initiative will see leaders from Shirley Intermediate walking down to the primary school during their lunch break to help encourage local Tamariki to engage in active play.

This collaboration got off to a great start last Friday, with Pearl, Mahdi and Alydia coming down and supporting the younger student in their play activities, offering ideas of different games that could be played with the touch focused equipment provided that week and getting to know the students who now attend their old school. These young leaders were great the the Tamariki from Shirley and are an absolute asset to their community.

It is hoped that the contribution of this collaboration will result in more sustainable play in Shirley, with activities happening for many years to come. In return for the volunteering in the school, these students not only receive an exciting leadership opportunity but it also gives them a head start moving forward in to future education and careers.

A big thank you has to go to Shirley Intermediate teacher, Andrew and his team for their support and initiative in getting this programme going, as well as to Pearl, Mahdi and Alydia for their awesome work!

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