Pathway to Performance Female Coaching Programme 2023/24

NZC is committed to developing female coaches across the cricket network, through providing and facilitating development opportunities to bridge the gap between community and performance coaching.

Underpinned by our vision ‘a game for all New Zealanders; a game for life’, ensuring we have a growing and experienced group of female performance coaches is part of achieving that vision.

The Pathway to Performance Female Coaching Programme is an element of NZC and Sport NZ’s ‘Strengthen and Adapt’ partnership. It aims to provide development opportunities to female coaches, specifically those who are currently coaching at the community level and have aspirations to develop and move into performance coaching roles.

The Pathway to Performance Female Coaching Programme is a national initiative, led by NZC with support and funding committed for the duration of the ‘Strengthen and Adapt’ project. The programme successfully commenced during the 2022/23 season, providing support and development opportunities to x8 coaches. The 2023/24 season is an opportunity to continue this momentum and to foster a network of female coaches across Aotearoa.

The objectives of the programme are:

To identify and develop female coaches across Aotearoa who have the potential to

transition into performance coaching.
To create a larger pool of female coaches with the skillset and confidence to coach at the

performance level
To establish a network of female coaches who can provide support and shared experiences

to each other

Programme Summary:

The Pathway to Performance programme is a ten-month programme targeting female coaches who have shown an interest and skillset suited to coaching performance cricket in the future. The programme will provide development opportunities through various mediums (see below) and on- going support from the NZC coach development team, and women’s performance team.


New Zealand Cricket’s vision is a game for all New Zealanders, and this should be reflected in both on and off field capacities.

Women should be represented in all areas and at all levels of the game.

We need more female coaches to provide role models for young women and girls and more women featuring prominently in influential positions.
Despite increases in female participation around the network, females remain significantly under-
represented in high performance cricket coaching roles within NZ.
up-and-coming female coaches for development opportunities, and we aim to create something that
There is an appetite among
will benefit our aspiring female coaching talent.
What will the programme involve?

• Attending a two-day, in person workshop
o Delivered by NZC Coach Developers and Performance staff (September 2023)

A series of online workshops (various times throughout June 2023 – April 2024)
Involvement as an MA ‘apprentice’ coach at the U19 Tournament (January 2024)
o A NZC Coach Developer will be present at the tournament to support apprentice coaches in their role.

Shadow Coaching opportunity with an MA Team throughout the HBJ Trophy and/or Super Smash Campaign
Access to an ongoing mentor/coach support person supplied by MA and/or NZC

Attendees will develop their skills, behaviours, and knowledge to thrive and flourish within the high- performance environment. These elements will enable them to share practice, reflect on experiences, gain practical coaching experience, develop a greater understanding of their challenges, and identify strategies and tactics to overcome them.


What will the cost be?
The programme will be fully funded by NZC.
For those with family responsibilities, we understand the time and cost commitments to

attend in person workshops and practical experiences. NZC are committed to working through an appropriate arrangement with each individual coach, to remove this as a barrier for participation in the programme.

What if I can’t commit to all the dates stated above?
• We would encourage you to apply as the NZC Coach Development Team can work with each

coach on an individual basis to maximise coaches’ involvement in the programme.

What is the minimum level coaching qualification requirement to be involved in the programme?
• We would expect that the coaches on this programme would have completed or be working

towards completing their development coaching course. Please note the in person residential will focus on components from the advanced development course to enable coaches to achieve a higher level of coaching expertise.

The NZC Coaching Framework provides an overview of the different courses and qualifications within NZ.

Does the coach need to be actively coaching to apply for the programme?
• Yes, they do. The people accepted into this programme should be coaches who have already

shown a willingness and commitment to coaching cricket.

o The coach has or is working towards their development coaching course (or higher)
o Thecoachisactivelycoaching
o Thecoachhasshownawillingnesstolearn
o Thecoachcanworkwellinateamandcontributetothelearningofagroupofcoaches
Are there any other criteria for acceptance onto this programme?

• The NZC Coach Development Team will lead the selection of successful applicants for this programme. NZC will work with each MA as part of the application process to discuss the applicants to ensure the group of coaches put forward will work well together.
When do applications open and how do I apply?
• Applications for the 2023-24 Pathway to Performance Programme open on Thursday 27th

April 2023 and close on Thursday 18th May, 2023.

We ask all interested coaches to apply via the form here

Please email or if you require further information or have any queries.


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