West Coast Cricket has seen some significant changes throughout the 2016-17 season and below are some highlights and changes that have occurred so far throughout the season.

Fresh Committee
A new president (Brendan) and two new committee members (Kerry & Wayne) have rejuvenated our committee working alongside the stalwarts of West Coast Cricket (Tim, Therese and Gary) to grow the game. Simon Hill’s support and realistic approach to getting coasters to play cricket has certainly removed some of the burden trying to conform to outdated models for the Coast.
Development Role:
The initiative to align the role in conjunction with the Rugby League RDO has been inspirational. Paddy Byrne has used his experience and relationships within the schools and community to ensure his cricket delivery has a positive and valued impact.
A valuable relationship which Sport Canterbury (Jack) has enabled the transition of the Development Role (Paddy) to evolve and be supported in the field which has taken pressure off the volunteer committee to oversee the process, as well as Jack dealing with the reporting functions required.
Toby from Canterbury Country Cricket has also supported Paddy’s technical development and is a great example of associations working closely with each other sharing expertise.
Academy Cricket:
Parents actively engage in the session delivery to grow the list of parent coaches
Delivered on the local hockey turf to negate wet grounds over a particularly wet spring and the central location aided profile.
Three very promising young girls participated, who we need to cultivate through cricket and build a pathway for them and others to follow with confidence.
John Paul II High School:
Are committed to cricket. They have installed a permanent cricket net and are targeting a five year plan to bring their current year 9/10 team through as the core of their 1st XI.
If this approach can be replicated at Grey and Westland High, this could support WC Cricket goals to:
 grow our senior player base
 resurrect a senior competition
 re-establish a Hawke Cup team.
South Westland Primary School Tournament:
Six schools from as far away as Haast, Fox Glacier, Franz Josef, Whataroa, South Westland Area (SWAS) School, Ross came together for an annual two day sports tournament.
We delivered 5 hours of cricket in 5 sessions to 210 kids aged 5-13. Importantly each session engaged teachers, parents and senior students which meant we exposed over 30 adults to the fundamental skills programme over the day.
From this day we have been invited in to provide skill sessions and teacher development at Whataroa and SWAS schools in term 1 to compliment delivery to four Hokitika schools.
Taster Sessions in Primary Schools:
So far we have delivered to 747 kids across 10 schools with more set for Term 1 for in Hokitika.
These have helped build a presence in schools and develop a confidence with teachers required to invest school curriculum time in our sport. The fundamental skills delivered are very transferable and the supporting resources are great for teachers to confidently bring cricket to the classroom.
South Island Primary School Tournament Team 2017:
A huge success for West Coast Cricket to be able to get a team to the tournament despite a lack of experience from our players. This is an important pathway to provide for youngsters and parents who invest their time and money into their children’s sport.
With five full match reports in the local papers and daily facebook updates it was important profiling for local cricket.
Last Man Standing:
With no formal competition, we have formatted a successful Last Man standing competition prior to Christmas that saw seven 8-man teams enter the modified version of the game.
From this player base, it is planned to run a Sunday afternoon T20 games starting Feb 5th during summer (if it ever arrives) and select a West Coast Men’s team to play Buller on 22nd January in Westport after the November game was rained out.
We have worked hard to culture a great relationship with the Sports editor at the Grey Star and have had regular articles and photos in the local paper.
5 x South IPST 2017 match reports
WC Primary Team release
Match report v Buller primary
Presidents Press release x 2
Yr6-8 weekly match reports
NZCT Cup secondary school games
Last Man Standing preview/reports
Weekly radio report on Coast FM Saturday Sports Show.
Regular posts communicating all cricket activity. A regular following with posts often reaching several hundred hits.
E.g. SIPST 2017 – 850 hits on one day alone






Development Officer Paddy Byrne in Action with Skills session at Hockey turf – Greymouth

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