There are some great things happening throughout Canterbury this cricket season.   The Weedons Cricket Club, a member of the Canterbury Country Cricket Association, is experiencing incredible growth.  This growth is a result of population increase and a growth mindset within the club to change the way things have been done to make cricket a game for everyone.  The club has recently formed the Weedons Wildcats all Girls section 4 team.  The club had 84 kids participate in Superstar Cricket on Friday nights of which 40 were girls, so they spilt them up and ran girls only and boys only sessions and then established the Wildcats at the end of the program.  They brought in Tori Burbery ex-NZ Women’s Indoor player, who lives local and was keen to be involved to run the coaching drills for the girls.  They gave them a completely different uniform so the girls have their own identity, went with a closed collar rather than traditional shirt style and fluro green branding and strip.


Out of the 84 children in the Superstar Cricket program, 29 are now playing Saturday morning cricket.  This has happened as a result of hard work by very passionate volunteers who create newsletters, send emails and make phone calls to the children who had been identified at the sessions.


Weedons now has 31 teams and next year they expect up to another 5 teams including a 2nd junior girls team and a senior B men’s team.

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