The Canterbury Regional Cricket Umpires Association are running an Umpire Training Course for girls who are interested in upskilling and learning more about the game. This is a brilliant way to increase game awareness will help girls to develop their understanding of cricket and the Laws of Cricket. At the end of the day the Level One or Level Two Umpiring Certificate will be sat.

Spaces are limited for this opportunity so please register interest with Rachel Candy by 2nd September for Level One and 9th September for Level Two. 

Girls Umpiring Course Registration Level 1

Girls Umpiring Course Registration Level 2


Become a Cricket Umpire or Scorer

Are you interested in becoming an Umpire or Scorer for cricket in Canterbury, well the Canterbury Regional Cricket Umpires and Scorers’ Association’s (CRCUSA) can help you!

CRCUSA main role is to look after the Cricket Umpires and Scorers in the Canterbury Region. They will aim to make you the best umpire/scorer you can be! To make this happen they provide vital training, progressive opportunities and one on one assistance.

All Umpires are encouraged to attain the best of their ability and are graded during the season and given feedback on their performance.  You can be assured of a warm welcome to this Association, and you will be given an opportunity to learn and enjoy yourself on and off the field.Wanted Umpires

Check out the Canterbury Regional Cricket Umpires and Scorers website: