Cricket in Canterbury is supported and delivered by a hard-working group of grassroots volunteers, committees and delivery staff. This group create new opportunities to engage in cricket, evolve existing programs, expand our reach in more diverse communities and in whole, deliver products and services that our cricket playing family need to enjoy the game.
We need YOUR help to acknowledge the work of this group who work tirelessly in our community for the betterment of the game!

This could be anything from…

  • A committee member driving a mid-week play/ training module
  • The adoption of the Balance is Better philosophy and impact it has had
  • Change of focus to the cricket experience rather than just winning, particularly in the junior grades
  • A Club focusing on junior/ youth recruitment with innovative programs
  • A staff member implementing participant lead initiatives
  • A school providing additional, or enhancing existing cricket products or services
  • Programs focusing on targeted communities, either Women and Girls, Ethnic, Maori or Disability. (Our targeted communities are subject to change as our strategy evolves)

If your Players, Club or District know of people or organizations that are driven to grow participation in New Zealand’s number 1 summer game then please click on the link below and let us know about it so we can acknowledge and celebrate their success.


Nominations will be open from 7th March and close on March 21st.

The top 3-4 candidates will be selected by a small sub-committee and the winner will be announced April/May once a decision has been made regarding the format of the awards evening.


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